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Holistic environments creation

  • Study of feng shui according to “Form School” and "Compass School",
  • feng shui and geomancy consultations,
  • processing of landscape energy analyses and maps,
  • sacral geometry principles application,
  • geopathic zones survey and consequent adjustment of buildings.

We spend time considering the possibility of harmonising our life by improving our home, health or relations to people and places that surround us. We realise that the changes of living areas are closely connected with the environment, and with us. For thousands of years people have followed their intuition and human life has been in harmony with nature. The environment that surrounds us never ceases to develop and change, which is true also for our housing and health.

One of the possible ways to react to these influences is the ancient philosophy of feng shui and geomancy. Geomancy teaches us about fine Earth powers and the methods of understanding them and being able to use them appropriately. It includes principles that help us perceive the fine changes of life energy in space. Feng shui is a very universal teaching and can be applied anywhere on Earth. I dedicate myself to these teachings, which have become one of the sources of my inspiration, within the activities of the ARC Studio. Their primary concern is the harmonisation and the balanced layout of the living space with all their fine and delicate links. My work points out the fact that everything changes in time, which I take into account even in the world of designed forms.

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