• Artistic solutions for business environments
  • Emphasis on aesthetics and a coordinated uniform style of business environment
  • Draft concepts of corporate style
  • Application of methods that lead to a connection with the client
  • Establishing a “living being” concept
  • Harmonious methods of developing the request and objective
  • Art design of logos and corporate graphic design
  • Proposals for exhibitions and presentations, and their implementation
  • Integration of the principles of feng shui, geomancy, ecology and other alternative approaches with graphic design and corporate development plans.

Corporate visual style helps cultivate aesthetic environment. It affects moral and social relations in the workplace and towards the public. A view of nice, stylishly matched environment helps the soul to happily experience the environment. A human being can freely develop further. Coordinated visual style supports the development of both a personality and company. The way the events of various projects develop in our daily life is related to our intention. Therefore, I pay attention to its proper formation and I make sure I help the client to complete it. The more specific picture of what is to come we keep in our mind, the more real is the subsequently formed reality. I understand the personal and corporate visual style as an aesthetic expression of the inner intention with which I agree. In this sense, I help investors and clients.

By a harmonious visual style, we support the development at the ethical, moral, and social level. If a person is deeply connected with own self and our intention, such person can fully develop not only physically but also vitally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore I offer to companies and individuals my assistance with establishing their life plan in accordance with the appropriate visual style. We create comprehensive designs of environment, including supporting graphics so that they are ecological (environmentally friendly).

I place great emphasis on the style-creating elements of the environment. What is important is unity of the style-creating elements. The style is actually the morphology of the environment. It’s a language by which the environment is expressed. The style is formed e.g. by the materials used, by their shape and colour.

When the project manages to keep uniform style-creating elements, the perception of the environment feels harmonious. It affects the way a person experiences moral in such environment. A pleasant environment makes us to feel good and to take a good care of it; that we tend to behave in a nice way. In addition, a pleasant environment makes it easier for a man to feel inspiration and to have better intuition.