“It’s most beautiful when the thought comes to you by itself”
My preferred methods of work are those that allow me to empathize with the character and the ideas of the client and to relate to the multidimensional properties of the place. Just as the human is a multidimensional being, specific places also possess such a quality. It reflects the spiritual, emotional, vital and physical qualities of life. Before commencing work on a design, I take care to carefully investigate each of these dimensions. This allows me to create a comprehensive image of the qualities of the place.

In my work, I react to the sequence of events that connects to each individual project. I observe the happenings that occur on the plot, considering the character of the client and the history of the order placed. The reflection of these qualities is then integrated into the design of the spiritual and the emotional dimensions of each project.

For interested clients, I integrate into my work a variety of rituals that connect the place and building. In effect, this concerns the development of a deeper connection with the project. For example, this may include paying homage to the place or celebrating the placement of the foundation stone. I also pay special attention to the materials used. Thus, the wood used in the construction is cut according to the lunar rhythms. Rituals also include the beatification of the building materials and paying homage to the place itself.

My work is inspired by the principles of feng-shui and I use them intuitively in my design work.

I enjoy working with anyone who has a clear image of the desired outcome. For those who lack a clear image, I help to develop their ideas. To allow the client to playfully, simply and cheerfully express their vision of the outcome, I use clay modelling of the edifice as one of my methods. It is a highly creative way of expressing one’s ideas about the appearance of the future building. For all those who are unable to draw, this presents a simple method of expressing their intentions about the appearance of the building, its positioning in the terrain or the basic arrangement of furniture in the interior.

When the clay model is ready, I develop it and work out the individual creative aspects of the design. This is where the architectonic study comes in. During this phase of the project, I will meet you several times, to present you with the draft sketches and designs. We continue to meet and discuss throughout the technical phases of the process and during supervision of the construction process.

For architecture to cultivate and develop the human spirit, it should be an endlessly vivid creation that reflects the laws of nature.

Modelling from clay in the process of designing a house for the mentally handicapped in the Slapy region. The members of the charity organization Portus, which solicited the project (2006), participate in the creative process.

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Common ritual of paying homage to the place on the plot where the future house for the mentally handicapped is to be built, Slapy region.


The ritual of paying homage to the place on the plot where the future house for the mentally handicapped is to be built, Slapy region. Lighting and sacrificing a joss stick.