• deepened study of the relationships between men and the environment
  • holistic architecture and holistically formed environment
  • design of healthy buildings
  • geomancy and relationship to the Genius loci of the place
  •  applying the principles of sacral geometry
  • inspiration and use of culturally transferable principles of feng shui

In our projects we deal with a deepened study of the spiritual, mental, and physical characteristics of men and the environment. The main sources of knowledge and inspiration for us are European cultural resources and European holistic spiritual doctrines.

We perceive the architecture as a holistic environment with fine qualities and subtle energies. We deal equally with the spiritual, mental, and physical qualities of the environment and architecture.

When designing buildings, we pay attention to the holistic concept. At the spiritual level, we create projects to best match the essential self of the person who placed the order. On the mental level, we make sure that the buildings have living impression and that the creative powers of modern men can be felt from it. We incorporate principles of organic architecture into our work. We use shapes, processes, and natural materials that create health-promoting forces in men and environment.

Geomancy is the doctrine of the subtle forces of the Earth; how to understand them and work with them properly. Thanks to geomancy, we can capture subtle changes in the life energy in the space and adapt the buildings so that these subtle forces of nature are not weakened. Geomancy also includes locating of geopathogenic zones on the land. Consequently, we adapt building designs to these gentle energies so that the future users are in line with them.

Sacral geometry is the sacred geometry of nature. For centuries, people have perceived the living and inanimate nature and have observed the proportions of the sizes found in nature. Sacred geometry is the foundation for the healthy flow of revitalizing forces in nature and also the foundation of perception of the beauty in the environment. We study these sacred dimensions and integrate them into the shapes and dimensions of the proposed structures.

We also draw our inspiration from feng shui. These are the principles we can follow to be able to capture subtle changes in the proper flow of the life energy into the space. Since feng shui comes from non-European cultural sources, we use its principles with regards to our culture.