The project of the atrium low energy family house was inspired by the elements of Japanese architecture. The main idea of the house, to arrange the rooms around the inner garden, is based on the principles of holistic architecture and feng shui. Only healthy building materials were used to build the house. The supporting structure of the building is made of wood, which has been cut down in appropriate days according to lunar rhythms. The half-timbered walls are made of unburnt bricks. The walls in the rooms have clay plaster. The roof is thermally insulated with a 30 cm thick layer of corn straw. The perimeter walls are insulated with a 30 cm thick Hofatherm fibre insulation and a 5 cm reed mat with an external lime plaster. Vented, all-wood floors are insulated with a 30 cm layer of hemp straw. The basement and foundations of the house are made of sandstone. The windows and doors are made of solid oak wood. All wooden surfaces are treated with wood oil. The entire building has a grassy, maintenance-free green roof.

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Geomancy and Creation of the Environment

The proportions of the building are based on the sacred geometry of the tree of life. The location of the building on the plot and the interior layout avoids the geopathogenic zones. The bedrooms and beds are located outside the groundwater line and outside the Hartmann and Curry zones.

Finished building



Study of the garden

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