A project of  low-energy house in Lány. Ecological timber construction of the house from natural building materials. The shape of the house emerged during creating a model of the sculpture clay. It lively captured the idea of the client on the future shape of the house. The construction is facing south with its wide side. It receives solar gains through its windows and solar panels. The project includes the inspiration by the fenfg shui doctrine. It is also based on the geomantic survey of the land. The basic idea was to create a healthy home with a high level of  artistically worked details.

Ready house


Creation of the Model

Joint work on the model helps…


Together with the owner we approached the plot from the start with internal humility and respect. When the owner bought the land, we made a celebration of defining the place. We walked along the plot, dispersing salt on the border and sprinkling it with water. The elementary consciousness connects with the new owner this way. Salt cleans subtle energy and through its fine crystals it connects the place with the consciousness of helpful elemental beings. Water connects the spirit of the place with the spirit of man. After the construction of the house started, there was a celebration of the laying of the foundation stone. During the laying celebratory verses were recited for the place, and thanks to all beings associated with the place were expressed. The wish of the owners about what they want to experience in the house was pronounced. Any such ritual is a very private and personal matter. It is a salutary act, building intimate union of man with the soul of the land and the house.

From the Construction