A low-energy family house in Chrustenice contains principles of geomancy and feng shui. The main building and also the annex with a toilet and a boiler room have energy-saving compact shape. Proportions of the floor plans and construction heights of the house are based on the sacred geometry of the square and the circle. The location and function of the rooms in the house relate with the movement of the sun across the sky. On the southern and western side, the living rooms are located. On the northern and western sides, there are technical and support areas. The disposition arrangement uses the so called passive solar gains. There is a combined tiled oven with stove located in the centre of the house. The interior heat is accumulated during the cold seasons in the dividing walls built of non-fired bricks and inside clay plaster.

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Finished building



Geomancy and creation of the environment

At the beginning of the construction we celebrated laying of the foundation stone of the building together with the owners. It is a traditional way to establish cooperation with elemental beings of the place. It’s a celebratory ritual helping to be consistent with the subtle energies, the so called consciousness of the place (the spirit of the place). By own actions and intentions, every person creates new relationships with elementary beings. Laying the foundation stone is the act, when the owners connect with the supportive beings that will help them in their lives in this house. We celebrated the ritual of laying the foundation stone together with the children and relatives of the owners. The foundation stone is placed deep below the floor of the house. During its placing, it was symbolically buried under ground, sprinkled with water, cleansed with the smoke of incense and illuminated by a candle flame. There were celebratory verses recited for the place and thanks expressed to all beings associated with the place. Since the completion of the house, several years has already passed. The owners of the house have been happy, enjoying the living there.

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