Lecture and workshop Twelve senses on the conference HANDS ON in Pilsen

11. international conference Hands On! 11.—14. 10. 2017 (Plzeň, Písek, Praha)
Lecture and workshop of Oldřich Hozman:

Content of Oldrich Hozman´s introductory lecture on Hands On Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republik (11.10.2017): Cultivating Twelve Human Senses and Human Skills. The Legacy of Educational Visionary Jan Amos Komensky. 12 Senses in Rudolf Steiner’s Wisdom about being Human.

360 degree photo from the workshop “Working with all 12 senses”

 “Sensorium for 12 senses” design Oldřich Hozman and Jiří Wald

Link to the video, a recording from Folklorika on CT2 (Czech TV) about carpentry, where you can see the Sensorium object from the 23rd minute of the show.

Another example how to work with senses. From the workshop “Waking 12 senses”

Sensorium and workshops for twelve senses (experienced object Sensorium for 12 senses and presentation show, how ro work with twelve senses, pdf 9,7 MB).