Detailed description of the individual stages of the project

  1. Preparation of the tender: a trip to the allotment (including a specialist’s visit), acquainting with your ideas and the clarification of the scope of work, working out the list of the necessary documentation, background papers, and requirements of the local construction administration. Clarification of the program and the size of construction.
  2. Design study of the building: includes the preparation of design options, and a preliminary estimation of the cost of construction. The study will be based on Your basic demands and ideas about the arrangement of the interior. On the base of the proposed sketches, we will meet several times, providing enough time for You to get acquainted with the designs, and possibly present further suggestions. From my side, I place particular stress not only on the energy-efficiency of the house, but I will also suggest to You alternative building materials. The study also provides detailed designs of the ground-plan and space arrangement, including suitable furniture placement. The content of the study are ground-plans and colour drawings of the facades on the scale of 1:100. Included in the study are also the sketching in of the house on the allotment and sketches of basic garden designs. Upon agreement on the overall concept of the space arrangement with the sketching in of the furniture, I will work out the preliminary overall cost budget, which is part of the study. The designs for this phase of the study are worked out during 8 to 12 weeks upon order placement.
  3. Preparation of the documentation for the area management/building administration: includes the preparation of the documentation necessary for the rendering of a decision for the placement of the construction (area management decision), the provision of the documents from the public authorities necessary for the rendering of a decision by the area management, analysis of the of background papers from the previous phases, development of a design for the building permit which is attached to the application for a building permit, which includes all the necessary professional aspects: construction and static designs, electrics (strong-current and weak-current), security management, fire management, gas, water, sewage and air conditioning. The electrics design will be planned so as to minimize the influence of the electromagnetic field on the house. Upon completion of the preparation of the documentation, applications are made to all the necessary administrative authorities. Upon the release of the necessary permissions (c. up to one month) and on the basis of Your commission, an application for a building permit is made (c. one to two months). In the frame of negotiating with administrative authorities, the proceedings with the area management and the building administration will usually merge with the negotiation and application for a building permit.
  4. Preparation of the documentation for construction: includes the development of a design for building construction, which is a further elaboration of the design with the different professional aspects including their coordination, and the preparation of the background papers for the potential contractors. This includes specification and detailing, whilst remaining within the basic framework set out during the previous stages. This phase of the project is rather important due to the highly accurate sketching of details and a comprehensive description of the progress of construction.
  5. Preparation of background papers for selecting a supplier and contract letting: the preparation of the background papers for the tendering procedure for several contractors. During this phase, we will help You negotiate the tender with building companies. This includes the so-called statement of measure and the specification of the materials and prices (construction budget). Based upon the statement of measure You may assess the eventual price offers by building companies with great precision, and during the construction process – check on the executing company and the invoicing with ease. This phase of cooperation thus includes the evaluation of the tendering proceedings, and assistance with the paperwork for the contract letting.
  6. Cooperation during construction (author and technical supervision): author supervision by the architect during construction over the observance of the architectonic qualities of the building, technical supervision and monitoring of the engineering-construction and static works, and the records in the construction diary. This phase guarantees close supervision to ensure that works are conducted strictly according to the contract documents. Possible further author supervision can be arranged individually. This phase of the project includes assistance with obtaining the final building approval, assistance with obviating flaws inhibiting the obtaining of the final building approval, assistance with the final invoicing and assistance with accounting for defects prior to the expiry of the guarantee period.
  7. The price does not include the possible static, geological and radonic probes and examinations. The fee is also exclusive of the geodetic locating of the allotment. The indirect costs connected with the possible car trips to the construction site are charged at 8 Kč/km. The prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

The date of commencement of work on the designs varies between 1 to 2 months upon the sanction of the order.

The overall duration of all the design phases varies between 6 to 12 months.

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