• Interior projects from natural ecological material
  • Projects of healthy corporate and business premise
  • Design of atypical interiors and furniture
  • Design of furniture and utility items for industrial production
  • Originals, artworks, and furniture solitaires
  • Design of furnaces, fireplaces, and stoves in proposed buildings
  • Designs of fountains, water elements, and flow forms

We perceive designs and implementations of interiors and furniture as important manifestations of human action. Interiors and furniture directly affect the mood, behaviour, and health of the user. That is why we treat the designs we process responsibly. A well-designed interior brings opportunities for change, development, and new growth not only on the physical level, but also on the mental level. Thus, through the creation and active cooperation with the client, it is possible to give a new face to the objects, furniture, and the entire spaces; and to make it possible for those who inhabit or visit them to have a new view of reality. Our goal is to provide people with background and incentives for their own development and growth.

Because we are interested in preserving a sustainable life, we propose furniture and interiors of materials that are healthy for both humans and the Earth. This means easy to produce, suitable for human being, and ultimately recyclable. In interiors and furniture, it is most often wood, metal, glass, fabrics from vegetable raw materials, vegetable oil based lacquers, and surface waxes.

Our response to the development of the civilization changes and contemporary approaches to interior design and industrial design is the design of organic products. Furniture, interiors and utility items are designed with regard to the holistic principles of ergonometry, ecology, and feng shui. Our intention is that the interior is in line with the place and harmoniously empowers the user.

Implemented projects