A low-energy house.

A brick structure with a 25 cm thick permeable insulation. The house walls are made of non-fired bricks and clay plasters. The client wished to design a house with soft and rounded shapes, inspired by the principles of feng shui. Aesthetically, the aim was to achieve a uniform style of shapes and materials. The facades and interiors of the house include visible wooden parts. The exterior canopy over the main entrance and the outdoor shelter from the southern facade are skilfully crafted and they include carpentry joints elaborated in great detail. In the project, the principles of healthy living, the so-called Baubiologie (the science of healthy living and healthy materials) were taken into account. Therefore, a large part of the house is made of wood. E.g. the house has a wooden ceiling and rafters. The inner walls are lined with half-timbered and non-fired bricks. The foundation plate does not contain steel, but spread polypropylene fibre reinforcement. This ensures that the House allows passing of intact natural geomagnetic field of the earth.

Finished Building



Creation of the Model

Joint work on the model helps..