The house is based on the shapes of organic architecture. It will be constructed from natural building materials. Main wals are made of insulating bricks.  First floor and roof of the house are made of wood. E.g. the house has a wooden ceiling and rafters. The inner walls are lined with half-timbered and non-fired bricks. The foundation plate does not contain steel, but spread polypropylene fibre reinforcement. This ensures that the House allows passing of intact natural geomagnetic field of the earth. Ground floor of the house is 9,5 x 9,5m. The roof is insulated with 34 cm thick insulation made of natural materials (pressed straw or soft woody wool). The walls are breathable, diffuse open. All internal plasters are made af clay. The house is partly heated by a wood fireplace. Main heating is by gas boiler. The building concept contains principles of feng shui and sacral geometry. Form of the house is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s design principles.

Creation of the model

It is important to involve as many future users as possible in the design creation. When working on a model, circumstances that one would not take into account will emerge from the work on the model…

Based on the consideration of the number of rooms and their orientation to the cardinal, we started to build a model house. The method of working together allows the design process to bring not only the forces of thinking, but also the strength of feeling and will. Each family member brings liveliness and joy into the process of creating the model, feeling the context and building on the work of others. It gradually results in mutual agreement about the creation of the house. All participants are able to mentally connect with the emerging design in a better way. Working with clay during the modelling creates certain calm and concentrated mood. It also attracts the attention of children, who perceive the force of inspiration that enters the process of joint work.