Corporate identity projects have two main parts:

  • what we want
  • how we want it

First, in the “what we want” part of the project, we will work together to discover why you want to do this project. I will help you clarify the purpose of the project.

Then, in the “how we want it” part, we can help find specific solutions and create style.


What we want:

  • purpose and goal
  • drawings and sketches documenting the current state
  • drawing/modelling of the ideal solution
  • proposal of the ideal solution, and design of creative graphical elements and environment

How we want it:

  • selection and specification of creative elements, specification of materials and colours
  • completion of graphic designs and logo
  • detailed design, production of the interior, printing of graphic materials
  • assistance and guidance in the concept creation – vividly imagining the future work


Corporate identity projects are for individuals, small and large businesses. The aim is to create an environment with a unified style. A stylishly unified environment leads to improved morale and social relationships. A stylishly unified environment of visuals offers everything in terms of architecture, interiors and design. It includes uniformly conceived graphical promotional materials, orientation systems, website design, and branding and logos.