For the assessment of the proposed fee payable for the design, I use the standard procedure arising from the fee regulations of the Czech Chamber of Architects. The fee is therefore assessed according to the complexity and scope of work based on the predicted total cost of construction. The assessment of the fee payable for the design will thereby vary between 6.79 and 16.35% of the total predicted construction cost. All the services included are depicted in the section on content of the project and legislature.

The fee payable for the design is worked out individually for each client, and presented in the form of a written proposal. For a tender to be worked out, a personal meeting needs to be arranged, where the scope and the nature of the order can be clarified. The processing of the tender is free of charge.

The basic fee payable for the design will vary between 6.79 and 16.35% of the total construction cost. The basic fee is then used to determine the fees payable for the individual stages of the project.

  1. preparation of the tender: 3% of the basic fee
  2. design study of the building: 18% of the basic fee
  3. preparation of the documentation for the area management/building administration: 36% of the basic fee
  4. preparation of the documentation for construction: 25% of the basic fee
  5. preparation of background papers for selecting a supplier and contract letting: 6% of the basic fee
  6. cooperation during construction (author and technical supervision): 12% of the basic fee

Percentage of the amount of the reward for each stage of the project may vary according to the complexity of the work.

For the determination of the basic reward, I also use the recommended hourly rates arising from Czech construction standards.