Architect Oldrich Hozman (1964) has been professionally involved in architectural design since 1989. Since 1997, his studio accepted “ARC” as its name. The name together with the logo expresses its activity. He likes to sketch, the line helps him to create “Arrrrr … ..c” is carried through the space, it defines the area. Arc is the beginning of the curve. The arc is then a balanced element of two opposing forces. Constant search for harmony.

acad. arch. Oldřich Hozman


He studied architecture at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. He has been professionally involved in the architectural design since 1989. His ideas include the principles of feng shui, geomancy, ecology, and organic construction. He promotes a holistic view of creation of healthy environment and architecture. He lectures on new approaches of architectonic creation in harmony with nature.

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Filip Hozman

In the atelier, he works in different parts of the workshop. He develops studies, projects for building permits, and implementation projects. He focuses on interior projects in detail. He completed his studies at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in the field of furniture and interior design and for one year, he studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, in the field of architecture.

Bc. Jiří Procházka

He works as a graphic designer, webdesigner, and technical consultant. He deals with the possibilities of using new technologies in designing buildings, such as 3D printing and scanning. He also teaches computer science at the Waldorf Lyceum in Prague. He studied pedagogy at the Masaryk Institute of CTU and also seminars of Waldorf pedagogy.


Environmental Declaration of Products

The ARC studio successfully participated in the “Environmental Declaration of Products” project in the years 2006-2008 and managed to get environmental certification as one of the ten selected Czech organizations. This is an international environmental marking of services or products, anchored by the National Environmental Marking Program. The certification is also usable in the EU; it is mainly relevant to communicating with customers, public, and suppliers, and it leads to an awareness that people also receive values outside the calculated price.

This certification, called Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) was awarded to the ARC Studio by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute, based on a two-year review of the methods of designing his architectural projects (according to the principles of holistic architecture) as well as the lifestyle, and way of thinking of the ARC Studio. An approach that respects natural patterns, responsible behaviour towards nature, people, and the environment is characteristic for the ARC Studio.

In the Czech Republic, this certification is currently a voluntary tool for verifying the quality of the product or services provided from an environmental point of view. Given the fact that this trend plays an important role in the decision-making process in the developed countries, it is also increasingly promoted and sought in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate with logo_c4f_9, which is engaged in the collection, purchase and environmentally friendly recycling of used ink cartridges and laser toners for printers in the Czech Republic. Using collection boxes, they try to simplify the conditions for recycling new materials. They know that many people are discouraged from recycling by the complexity and unavailability of collection points. And unlike our competitors, we also get refilled cartridges and toners !!! All this is FREE. That’s why we’ve decided that the ARC studio will become a collection point. We allow our partners and colleagues to bring empty cartridges and toners to our collection box.

Since 2017, we have a new large-format plotter in our studio. To print the drawings, we try to use 80% of the papers “made in accordance with the principles of the “forest management close to the nature”. See: Wikipedia

Prospects and panels