• Author projects of low-energy buildings
  • Studies and projects for building permits and implementation designs of the constructions
  • Designs of the reconstructions of buildings and memorial objects in an ecological way
  • Urban plans in harmony with the landscape and garden designs
  • Use of healthy building materials and ecological building principles
  • Buildings for education, culture, and social care

We perceive the design and implementation of architectural and landscape features as important manifestations of human action. Architecture creates opportunities for changes in human behaviour, development, and growth. We develop our projects in a holistic way, i.e. on all levels: spiritual, mental, on the level of life forces, and on the physical level. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a new balance at the places through creation and active cooperation with the client; and provide those who inhabit or visit them with incentives for their own development and growth.

Our response to the development of civilization changes and contemporary approaches in the construction industry is the design of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes. At the same time, we care about aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Because we are interested in preserving a sustainable life, we propose materials that are healthy for both humans and the Earth. This means easy to produce, suitable for housing needs of people, and ultimately recyclable. Most of the buildings are made of wood, stone, fired or non-fired bricks, ceramics, and insulation based on plant raw materials.

We process the projects sensitively in relation to the place and landscape in a holistic way. Our work is inspired by holistic principles of human environment. We are acquainted with the feng-shui teachings or the principles of modern European geomancy. We are also inspired by the spiritual science about human beings