1. Description of the deepened view of the spiritual, mental, and physical characteristics of the place. The spiritual properties of the place are recognizable, e.g. in the historical and cultural formation of the history of the place. The designation of the relationship between the client and the place reflects their mental mood. The deepened physical properties of the site include e.g. detailed geological, radioesthetic and geomantic exploration. A deepened spiritual and mental view also includes help with a clear formulation of the purpose of the building.
  2. The content of a holistically created environment also includes work with the very essence of the place. The term “elemental consciousness of the place” is used to describe the very essence of the place. The essential consciousness of places has been recognized and named by all world cultures in the history of mankind. It was also called the Genius loci of the site. These were mental moods of places in the countryside. Descriptions of these moods appear in the national folklore of different landscapes and nations. Gradually, they become local names. They are the names of the elemental beings that stand behind the moods of landscapes, mountains, rivers, lakes, and sacred places. These moods can be recognized in the landscape and on the plots until today. One of the methods is feeling the change of mood when moving through the landscape or moving on the plot. As a part of the work with the essence of the place, we will prepare sketches and maps on which the changes of mood on the plot or in the landscape are marked. According to this, it is possible e.g. to place the house appropriately, to create a garden or to demarcate the land.
  3. For each new landlord or property owner, it is important to establish a good relationship with the essence of the place. It is about establishing a relationship with the elemental creatures of the place so that they are able to connect to your goal and purpose of the building at their level of consciousness; so that they understand your intent. If you are interested, we can help you create a good relationship with the consciousness of the place. In different cultures, different celebrations and rituals were used to establish a good relationship with the essence of the place. These include e.g. marking the boundary of a new plot with corner stones, announcing the intention to build the building to the place, the beatification of materials, laying the foundation stone, celebration of the roof completion, celebration of the house completion, opening ceremony of the house, etc.
  4. Attunement and help with the expression of the essential self of the client. Help with the expression of the spiritual powers of the person who placed the order. As part of our projects, we strive to come as close as possible to the essence of the assignment and the essential self of the client. Your spiritual powers carry the creation of the whole work and shape it. That is why we give them as much creative and free space as possible. One method we use at the beginning of the project is the joint creation of an architectural model made of sculpture clay. This method makes it possible for the client to express ideas and forms that the client would otherwise hardly draw or express in words. Whatever inspires you spiritually can be reflected in the material. This creates a living sketch of the future building. It is a creative process in which the architecture, client, and place come to life. It is a method we use to help to uncover the artistic essence of the goal and purpose of the building. When working with more people in the group, we have proven it to be a social method, where consistency in viewpoints on the building creation is being formed. Projects include these processes at the beginning and we help you to build the right scale and functional units of your buildings as architects.
  5. Designs of healthy-living buildings, organic architecture, and work with shapes and materials that support creation of forces maintaining general health. Within the projects, we will teach you to see how the living shaping forces of nature create the shapes of different parts of nature; e.g. during formation of bones and skeletons of animals and plants. When creating your buildings, we can help you to artistically use natural forces and shapes of nature. We will help you to become aware of the tectonic principles of shaping. We will also teach you to better understand the principles of mass strength and to better understand the morphology that leads to the emergence of style.
  6. Geomancy, survey of the flow of life forces at the place of the building. The content of the holistic creation of the environment is the survey of directions and intensity of the flow of life forces at the place of construction. This survey helps you to decide on the correct location and orientation of the house on the plot.
  7. Applying the principles of sacral geometry. Using the right dimensions of the structure and their mutual harmonic proportions will improve the flow of life forces through the building. We use harmonic dimensions in our designs (such as the golden section ratio) to determine the size ratios of different parts of the building.
  8. Inspiration and use of culturally transferable principles of feng shui. The basic intuitive principles of feng shui, especially the “school of forms” is included in each of our projects. Upon your request, we can also create a map of the Qi flow on the plot or a Bagua horoscope (8 directions).
  9. If you study Feng Shui yourself and you want to take a deeper insight into this discipline and arrange your house according to it, we can consult the Lo shu horoscope with you (favourable and less favourable directions) or the “flying star” horoscope. However, in our opinion, these horoscopes are less culturally portable. They work with other than European cultural symbols, and there are other essential forces within them than those in which we have incarnated as beings in the European area. Working with these symbols of another culture can take us away from what our individual souls have decided to experience in the European cultural environment before their birth.