A project of complex reconstruction of the Maitrea apartment building close to the Old Town Square. There are vegetarian restaurant, alternative lectures and information centre, meditation room, offices, and apartments located in the house. The project is integrally solved, including geomancy and feng shui. The construction methods and materials used are based on the Baubiology principles. Throughout the house, there are clay plaster and healthy radiant wall heating.


You will find more information about the house on the Maitreya company website.

Building after the reconstruction

Interior of the Maitrea restaurant

The interiors of the Maitrea restaurant in Týnská street 6, Prague 1. Together with the client and the operator, we wanted to design a beautiful and healthy environment for the human soul. The restaurant is an oasis for refreshment of both body and soul. The interior is made of natural materials and it was developed based on the principles of feng shui. In the restaurant area there are several works of art, such as fountains and a fireplace.

Interiors of the house



Geomancy and Creation of the Environment

In terms of geomancy, subtle energies were checked in the house. For example, the Bovis energy, geopathogenic zones of ground water, and the house was also connected with the energies of the sacred energy lines of Prague. In the basement, a small stone circle is placed in the floor of the restaurant in order to harmonize the whole building. During the construction of the house, there were several harmonizing rituals conducted for the being of the house and the spirit of the place.

From the Construction