A project of the Physical Therapy Center in Průhonice near Prague. Reconstruction and extension of the former hotel to the Physical Therapy Center with a restaurant, auditorium, accommodation, and a garden restaurant. The project’s philosophy follows the stylish garden restaurant and its syle is inspired by the period of the “Grandmother” from the novel by Božena Němcová. The garden is designed based on permaculture principles and contains plants with edible fruits. There also grow herbs suitable for preparing meals in the restaurant.

Restaurant photo-gallery

Finished Building


Creation of the Model

Joint work with the client on the model helped to enrich design ideas. This work helped the client to clarify his ideas about the future structure of the garden and garden restaurant. The model helps to better see and clarify the spatial context. When working on the model, there were also gardeners present, being in charge of the implementation of the future garden. It was a teamwork, leading to overall agreement on the emerging work …