A project of the Camphill sheltered housing in České Kopísty near Litoměřice. The intention is to create an area with several buildings for community housing. The facility will include sheltered workshops such as textile, carpenter, and pottery workshops, a workshop for processing beeswax and candles, bakery, fruit drying room, and facilities for farming and working with animals.


A project of the interiors for the  Camphill  sheltered housing in České Kopísty. Interiors and furniture in the socio-therapeutic facility. Implementation of natural materials. Because of their shapes and colours, the used shapes of furniture, doors, and windows have therapeutic character.


Creation of the Model

Joint work on the model helps to develop forming of the community. It leads to sharing ideas and linking individual opinions. The work that is created in this way is subsequently bore during the realization by the auxiliary forces that are connected with the spirit of the community. As a result, these are the real daily situations during which the work is done. In the beginning, everything came from a mutual agreement … and from creativity, where one shape is followed by the next one …


Example of the Implementation Documentation