The interiors of the L’aura house in Poděbrady. At the Rieger Square 33/6 in Poděbrady, there was a centre created, containing vegetarian eatery, yoga centre, and espresso bar. Everything is nicely rounded and made of natural materials. The designs include the principles of feng shui and building biology. The operator heartily invite you to delicious coffee.



From Production

In this video, you can see bar counter machining on CNC according to our proposal. The produced preform was finalized by a carpenter. First, we prepared the final form in the model, by modelling it from plasticine. Then we created a 3D model and drawing that was used for a CNC milling machine. We try to bring more difficult and dynamic shapes into the design. And they are sometimes not easy to make manually, which is why we also like to use recent CNC technologies.