The design originated during a joint workshop, which was attended by the founders of the kindergarten, teachers, and parents. The method of group work on the design supports creation of the community and brings creativity and imagination to the process. The project aims to create vibrant organic shapes. The construction will be built of healthy natural materials.

Creation of the model

Joint work on the model with the family members. Based on the consideration of the number of rooms and their orientation to the cardinal points, we began to create a model of the house…

This method of working allows bringing not only the strengths of thinking, but also the strengths of feelings and will into the design process. Each family member brings liveliness and joy into the process of creating the model, feeling the context and building on the work of others. It gradually results in mutual agreement about the creation of the house. All participants are able to mentally connect with the emerging design in a better way.

Working with clay during the modelling creates certain calm and concentrated mood. It also attracts the attention of children who perceive the forces of inspiration that enter the process of joint creation.