A project of a low-energy family house near Prague including geomancy and feng shui. A house built of healthy materials conservatory and internal accumulation of mud brick walls.

The rooms of the house are distributed by function in relation to the cardinal points. Warm living rooms are located in the southeast, south, and southwest. Colder rooms are in the north. According to the principles of feng shui house has a free and lightweight centre. It consists of an oval cavity in the ceiling in the centre of the staircase. The indoor temperature and humidity in the house are equalized and regulated by the massive partition walls made of non-fired bricks. These are the so called accumulation walls. It is e.g. the round wall around the stairs. It is built so that it is hollow. Warm air is driven into this cavity during the transitional periods of the year. This air comes from the cavity between the glass panes in the winter garden. The wall is warmed up this way and it radiates heat. In spring and autumn it helps to warm up the house. In the summer, refrigerated air flows from the ground collector to the hollow walls. Therefore there is a pleasant climate in the house throughout the year .

The house stands on an irregularly shaped land. That’s why I decided to recommend the investor to place four cornerstones near the border of the plot, in the shape of a square. This way, a regular shape around the house was created. The orientation of the square is exactly to the cardinal points. Qi (vital energy) has so become denser and remains at the place. The next level of the work with subtle energies was placing corner stones at the four corners of the house. This was conducted as a small family celebration at the beginning of the construction. The project was preceded by a radiesthetic location of geopathogenic zones of ground water. The design of the layout of the house and arrangement of the furniture avoids ground water lines. People can live a healthy life and rest better at night when they are sleeping.

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