A study of the new headquarters of the Czech Republic Anthroposophic Society by the method of joint modelling. The aim of this study was to capture the creativity and inspiration of the customers to the shape of the future educational and cultural centre. The design was created in a group of around 12 to 15 participants in two days. During the creation, opinions about the morphology and style were mutually shared  and functional parts of the building discussed. It was thus both artistic and social level of activity, leading to the final agreement within the community.

Creation of the Model

It is important to make it possible for future users to make the most of the design. When working on the model, connections that a man could not think about on the paper emerge from the process…

Based on the consideration of the number of rooms and their orientation towards the world’s parties, we began to create the model of the educational centre. The method of joint work allows the process of design to bring not only the power of thinking but also the power of feeling and will. Each member of the team brought life and joy into the process of modelling. Teamwork makes it very easy to feel the connection and follow the work of others. This creates a mutual consensus on the construction and its surroundings. By the means of modelling, all participants can better interact with the emerging design .

When working with clay in modelling, a certain quiet, concentrated mood arises. It attracts our attention and awakens the power of inspiration that enters the process of joint creation.