Live shapes, design and style based on the principles of organic architecture. The entire project was prepared in close cooperation with family members. In order to better express their ideas about the shape of doors and furniture, I included joint modelling in the design. The married couple and their adult children who live there were included in the creative process. We designed the model of the closet sliding door and the model of the door between the rooms. During the process of the design process, the family members decided to change the interiors toward organically shaped forms. They wanted to use natural building materials and oil treated solid wood.

The details of the ash wood doors and handles of plum wood contain the so-called double-twisted surfaces. These twisted surfaces are seen at the edge of the door frame, below the handle and on the surface of the handle. The shape of the handle was designed along with Mr Marek Vodička and Mr Milan Černohorský. The door manufacturer was a carpentry workshop of Mr Müller. The manufacturer of the handles is Mr Marek Vodička.

Double-twisted surfaces also appear on the edge design of the furniture. I worked with them where the user sees or touches them directly. These shapes stimulate the senses and have a therapeutic effect. The basis of the therapeutic effects comes from the experience of the observer’s soul. The observer perceives dynamically changing shapes; in this case, the spirally twisting shapes of the furniture edges. This dynamic transformation of the shape causes movement in the soul of the observer. It makes him more interested in observing and touching it. These mental processes have a therapeutic effect on the entire living experience and lead to well-being of the entire human organism. It’s about shaping our environment around us in a more lively and dynamic manner. It’s the way to organically designed architecture and design.



Model Creation

Video from window manufacturing

Video from door manufacturing

From the construction and workshop during the furniture production.