A wooden building with the perimeter walls insulated with straw bales. The inner surfaces of the walls are plastered with clay plasters. The bathroom will have a sink and walls from Moroccan stucco. The house is heated by a small oven.


Creation of the model

The model creation allows the maxim level of involvement of the future users on the creation of the design. When working on a model, circumstances that one would not take into account will emerge from the work the model… During the modelling, continuity between the individual parts of the building is formed.

At the beginning of the model creation, the initial signs of the forms start to appear. They come as an inspiration from the spiritual world to the fingertips. In the creative process, they are further developed by a joint work of an architect and client.

It’s a way of working, when inspiration and common ideas of the client and the architect directly enter the shape of the mass. Working with clay during the modelling creates certain calm and concentrated mood. The method of joint work allows bringing not only the strengths of thinking, but also the strengths of feelings and will into the design process. Every participating person brings liveliness and joy into the process of creating the model, feeling the context and building on the work of others. It gradually results in mutual agreement about the creation of the house. All participants are able to mentally connect with the emerging design in a better way. The modelling allows a free formation of shapes. It’s a way to organic architecture.

Executive project

From the building site

Timelapse video of wooden roof structure.