A study of a larger garden by the family house near Prague, inspired by genius loci of the place and the principles of feng shui.

Finished building


Study and creation of the environment

On the plot, I located lines of the groundwater radiation. I staked out a line the surveyor marked them in the plan of the plot. When I designed the layout plans, I adjusted them so that the bottom line of radiation over the groundwater were passing through external walls and partitions. So the beds can be placed in locations with a neutral energy. The residents can rest better at night because their body fluid is not disturbed by the resonances with active moving ground water that is constantly moving underground. All beds are oriented so that the lying person has a full wall behind the head and so that he /she can see the front door to the room well. The house has a very gentle and quiet energy and the interiors have a good impact on the psyche of the people.

From the Construction