A project of the holistic hotel in El Palol, Spain – Centre for development of physical, mental, and spiritual qualities of a man. Reconstruction and completion of the former El Palol monastery near the Fluvia river in Catalonia to a hotel with ecological characteristics. The idea of the whole work takes into account the spiritual, mental and physical qualities of human beings and their steady development. On the spiritual level, the project works with the inspiration of the customer. E.g. that together with him, the main thoughts and ideas about the shapes of the new buildings were captured by modeling in sculpture clay. At the mental level, the project turns its humanistic intention to cooperate with the spirit of the place and with the elemental beings of the place. E.g. when there were ceremony boundary stones placed around the entire property together with the client. It’s a way to communicate and convey the intention to the spirit of the place. On the physical level, the project is friendly to nature. E.g. by getting all heat gains necessary for the operation of the hotel from solar panels and by making all interior plasters from local clay.

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