The design of the school garden is created in collaboration with teachers and parents. It includes e.g. designing of the area around the small pond a design of experiential entertainment area for the development of senses.

Creation of the model

The model was developed together with school teachers. Later it was used as a basis for further refinement of the project.

The school teachers brought what kids want and need to the creation process. Within the model, several garden zones were created.

E.g. a play zone around the gazebo, where sensational sidewalk will be created, or play area around the pond.

By this method of joint modelling, the inspiration is directly reflected in the mass. One shape fluently connects to another. Working with clay during the modelling creates certain calm and concentrated mood. The method of joint work allows bringing not only the strengths of thinking, but also the strengths of feelings and will into the design process. Every participating person brings liveliness and joy into the process of creating the model, feeling the context and building on the work of others. It gradually results in mutual agreement about the creation of the shapes and zones of the garden. All participants are able to mentally connect with the emerging design in a better way. The modelling allows a free formation of shapes. It’s a way to organic architecture.

Design of interior accessories

The design of raft ancillary equipment for the interiors of the existing school. The aim is to unite the artistic style of the furniture in the entire school. The style is based on the principles of organic architecture. The designs were made together with the school teachers.