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Before We Place a Foundation Stone

Magazine Regenerace, 5/2007 Holistic architecture combines spiritual, emotional, vital and physical levels into one creative unit. It is good to connect with the location where the house will be built and to communicate with it. A suitable way of communicating is a ritual. For example the celebration of placing a foundation stone. Nowadays, our main task is finding […]

In the Feng Shui style

Magazine Dům a zahrada, 5/2006 – We visited a house where the ancient Chinese teaching of feng-shui was fully employed . The building is full of vibrant and vital chi energy; it has a harmonic dimension based on a square and the golden ratio, the furniture is arranged with regard to geopathogenic zones and subtle energies… This ancient Chinese […]

Holistic architecture

rom the Report of the International Conference “Healthy houses” in Brno, 2006 Holistic architecture, what is wholeness and health in buildings and in an environment? Proper use and understanding of Order of the Universe leads us to begin practically use symmetry and harmonic proportions to perfect the sacred architecture of our living structures. How to […]

Planets, Atoms, and our Living Rooms

 ASB Magazine 3, 2006 – Interview with Oldřich Hozman about a holistic perspective on the creation of an environment. Some of the questions asked in the interview: “What is geomancy? How would you explain feng shui? How do you use solar energy in your designs? What materials do you choose? …”. Article in the PDF format

Water in a Building

An article in the magazine Můj dům, 12/2005 Piped water came to our houses after 1900. Before that people used wells, wooden troughs and water basins on their land or nearby. Water was brought into the house for use and then taken out again in containers, and much less water was consumed than now. The […]

House in Accordance with Feng Shui Principles

Magazine Domov, 5/2005 – The living space should have characteristics based on the principles of nature. These should correspond with generally valid truths about the layout of individual rooms in a house. What is the basis of feng-shui? And how is it relevant? Read more about the principles of this ancient Chinese teaching which is also […]

Renaissance of Clay and Wood

Magazine Můj dům, 4/2005 – What is natural is healthy. The human environment is getting further and further from the natural which increases the subconscious yearning of humans to return to nature. In architecture, we can see an increased interest in natural building materials which offer great advantages. Amongst others, they help to improve the […]

The Garden for Soul

Magazine Zahrada – park – krajina, 1/2005 – A meditative garden provides inner peace. If it is planned correctly in accordance with subtle energies of the landscape, it has even more qualities. It provides experiences connected with the quality of the place. The proposed design for the garden aims to offer the ability to experience […]