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A story of the house in El Palol, Spain

An article for the Střechy-Fasády-Izolace (Roof-Facade-Insulation) magazine, issue 7-8 / 2015; author: Oldřich Hozman A story and description of ecological house construction from local natural materials. The house is built in northern Spain, not far from the Mediterranean Sea. The emergence of the shape of the house was based on a joint artistic work with the […]

Sacred Geometry and Golden Section

Article for the Domov magazine 3/2015, author: Vít Straňák Proponents of sacred geometry emphasize that simple geometric relationships can be found in every life form, proving the geometric nature of the universe. Some simple examples include honeycomb nature (although built of rings have a regular hexahedron shape in the end) sophisticated shells of the Nautilus marine […]

Shaping the architecture of Waldorf Schools (Part 1)

Article for the Člověk a výchova (People and Education) magazine 3/2015, author: Oldřich Hozman One of the cornerstones of education at Waldorf schools is for the pupils to experience correct classification of a human being among the qualities of the spirit and the Earth. One tool of deepening of the experience is teaching art and artistically shaped […]

The subtle forces of the Earth

Article for the Domov magazine 2/2015, author: Vít Straňák What is the recipe? Should we pretend, in the spirit of the exact sciences, that something does not exist? “In my project I focus on the development of positive mood,” reads the recipe of Oldřich Hozman. “I have observed that when a person is in positive mood, geopathic zone have […]

Cornerstones of the Holistic Architecture

An article for the Domov (Home) magazine 1/2015; author: Vít Straňák Creating a healthy relationship between the human soul and genius loci of the place. Holistic architecture in a nutshell. This article is an introduction to the “Alternativní bydlení” (Alternative Housing) series of in the Domov (Home) magazine. What is the recipe? Should we pretend, in the […]

Shaping force of the spirit, a project of social facilities in the Czech Kopisty by Terezín

Article for the  Mensch und Architektur Magazine, issue 78/80, 2013, author: Oldřich Hozman. I wished that the project was created in a social way and that the true spirit of the shaping forces could enter it .This means both the Camphill community spirit and also the creative spirit of its individual citizens. That’s why I recommended using the […]

The Path to Holistic Formation of the Environment

An article for the Zlatý řez (Golden Section) magazine, issue 34/2011 Deepening the concept of sustainability. Evolution of human consciousness in relation to nature. Perception of spiritual dimension of the environment. The level of vital forces. Man is fully aware of the changing environment. Since the onset of the industrial revolution, various philosophical views and […]

A House according to Feng Shui

An article for the eARCH internet diary; author: Vanda Jesenská An Interview and introduction of the house designed according to the principles of feng shui. Qi Vital energy, rounded shapes of the walls, corresponding with the terrain, an entrance as the mouth of the house, harmonious dimensions of the house, based on the “golden section”, […]