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By Cristina Cilla

Good morning, My name is Cristina and I was in Prague last weekend. I went for dinner to Maitrea restaurant. The design of the place was incredibly beautiful, congratulations for that. That’s why I’m sending you this email: could you please tell me where you got the furniture from, especially the chairs? I’d be interested to buy 6 for […]

Jitka Kudláčková

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for your excellent lecture at the Municipal Library. It was superb. And thanks to you, I came to realize my natural intuition. Some matters you discussed were close to home. For example, I like being surrounded by stones. Visitors are surprised but afterwards say they felt good in the room. […]

Eliška Hájková

Dear Mr. Hozman, it is nice to see that even today, where everyone is in a rush, there are people who value a few complimentary words with utmost humility. I have been interested in feng-shui for several years now. I received a certificate from the Czech School of Feng-Shui, which is a dream come true to me, however, I mostly valued the […]

René Močuba

Dear Mr. Hozman, Thank you for the series of your lectures in the Municipal Library, which have been so invaluably inspiring for me. At first I thought that the lectures would be “only” focused on feng shui and I was very surprised by the coverage, overlap and comprehensiveness to the whole holistic architecture that I highly appreciate – […]

René Močuba

Dear Mr. Hozman, I attended the whole series of your lectures at the Municipal Library early this year and I have to admit that they have been great inspiration for me. Let me please address you with a plea – in the professional texts published at your website I found a document including photographs of a tile stove that captivated […]

Organic Housing

Můj Dům (My House) magazine, July 2016. A text about the building designed by acad. arch. Oldřich Hozman, written by Vlastimil Růžička. Stylistic elements include in particular rounded corners – not only the outer corners of the house, but the corners of plaster in the interior, between the wall and ceiling. The corners of the top […]

The House that Listens to the Voices of Nature

Article for the Eco Bývanie Eco Housing magazine, which is the yearbook of the MEDIA/ST publishing, issued in March 2016; author: Branislav Koscelník At first glance, it will surprise by the liveliness of organic shapes, boldness of solutions, but also by its naturalness and harmony of its arrangement of both outer and inner space. The […]

Shaping the architecture of Waldorf Schools (Part 2)

Article for the Člověk a výchova (People and Education) magazine 1/2015, author: Oldřich Hozman In the issue before last of the Člověk a výchova (People and Education) magazine, at the beginning of the first article I emphasized the importance of the impact of lively, plastically, and artistically shaped structures for education and training. In the first part of […]

House as a Poppy Flower

Holistic principles of the construction “The concept of the house is based on a holistic perception of the relationship among man, nature and architecture,” Oldřich Hozman explains. “The construction design takes into account not only energy savings, for which we pay money, but also the level of unmeasurable effects of subtle energies.” That’s why I also paid attention […]