The House that Listens to the Voices of Nature

Article for the Eco Bývanie Eco Housing magazine, which is the yearbook of the MEDIA/ST publishing, issued in March 2016; author: Branislav Koscelník

At first glance, it will surprise by the liveliness of organic shapes, boldness of solutions, but also by its naturalness and harmony of its arrangement of both outer and inner space. The house in Catalonia, Spain by the river of Fluvia is an example of the fact that when the architect and the investor are tuned to the same wavelength, having not limiting their imagination, inspiring, impressive, and unconventional piece of work can be created. The propagator of the idea of organic architecture and harmony of living, the Czech architect Oldřich Hozman makes no secret of the fact that when working on the house, he was listening to higher forces and principles of geomancy and feng shui.