Interview about designing at the Baubiology Congress in Rosenheim in 2018

Oldrich Hozman’s interview with Wohnung und Gesundheit magazine, editor Achim Pilz

The Book “Der Architekt Oldrich Hozman, Ein Lebensbild”. Autor Jörg Hermann Schröder.

Oldřich Hozman designs, creates and develops exceptional interiors, gardens and houses. This biography wants to give an insight into his life, his way of working, his versatile abilities and his consistent pursuit of the path he has taken: to create a livable and cultural environment for people from a human poin of view that understands the development of man as part of his environment.

Anaelis Sophia Verlag, delivered in 2 – 5 Days. (in German language)

Consensus Design Workshop & Architecture Lecture Series

Anthroposophical Architecture Lecture Series

with Oldrich Hozman, Anthroposophical Architect from the Czech Republic

This free lecture series is open to the public. All lectures will be at Nevada Sage Waldorf School in the Great Room.

Lecture One | Tuesday | May 28 @ 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Waldorf School Architecture Principles: Forms supporting children’s education, principles of “Truth”, “Beauty” and “Good” in Waldorf school architecture.

Lecture Two | Wednesday | June 5 @ 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Oldrich Hozman Presentation – Biography and Body of Work

Lecture Three | Thursday | June 13 @ 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Rudolf Steiner’s Architecture; 1st and 2nd Goetheanum

For more information about the lecture series, please contact Patricia Fenkell.

Architecture Lecture Series Poster in pdf

Consensus Design Workshop & Architecture Lecture Series – info in pdf

Therapeutic features of organic architecture, lecture in Breitenfurt near Vienna in Austria (YouTube 2018)

Lecture about therapeutic features of organic architecture

Organic Architecture – let us invite you for the exhibition of Oldřich Hozman projects (in Breitenfurt 5.5.2018 – 24.6.2018)

12 Senses in Komensky and Steiner wisdom

Content of Oldrich Hozman´s introductory lecture on Hands On Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republik (11.10.2017): Cultivating Twelve Human Senses and Human Skills. The Legacy of Educational Visionary Jan Amos Komensky. 12 Senses in Rudolf Steiner’s Wisdom about being Human.

Lecture and workshop Twelve senses on the conference HANDS ON in Pilsen

11. international conference Hands On! 11.—14. 10. 2017 (Plzeň, Písek, Praha)
Lecture and workshop of Oldřich Hozman:

Content of Oldrich Hozman´s introductory lecture on Hands On Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republik (11.10.2017): Cultivating Twelve Human Senses and Human Skills. The Legacy of Educational Visionary Jan Amos Komensky. 12 Senses in Rudolf Steiner’s Wisdom about being Human.

360 degree photo from the workshop “Working with all 12 senses”

 “Sensorium for 12 senses” design Oldřich Hozman and Jiří Wald

Link to the video, a recording from Folklorika on CT2 (Czech TV) about carpentry, where you can see the Sensorium object from the 23rd minute of the show.

Another example how to work with senses. From the workshop “Waking 12 senses”

Sensorium and workshops for twelve senses (experienced object Sensorium for 12 senses and presentation show, how ro work with twelve senses, pdf 9,7 MB).

Organic Architecture in the Spirit of Catalan Traditions

An article for the Můj dům (My house) magazine, issue 11/2015; article author: Vlastimil Růžička
There aren’t many organic houses in our country, their number has been increasing rapidly, as a result of nature protection and energy savings. The building designed by the architect Oldřich Hozman is located in the fertile plain, between the villages of Torroella de Fluvia and Sant Miquel de Fluvia in Catalonia.

By Cristina Cilla

Good morning,

My name is Cristina and I was in Prague last weekend. I went for dinner to Maitrea restaurant. The design of the place was incredibly beautiful, congratulations for that.

That’s why I’m sending you this email: could you please tell me where you got the furniture from, especially the chairs? I’d be interested to buy 6 for my home.

Congratulations for your work again,

Kind regards, Cristina Cilla

Jitka Kudláčková

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for your excellent lecture at the Municipal Library. It was superb.
And thanks to you, I came to realize my natural intuition. Some matters you discussed were close to home. For example, I like being surrounded by stones. Visitors are surprised but afterwards say they felt good in the room. Small children have the most spontaneous  perception.
For me, this is another impulse to work on perception via intuition.
I wish you satisfaction and success………

Jitka Kudláčková