Magic of a Good Lot

Magazine Můj dům, 4/2003 – The quality of a building plot is mostly influenced by the slope? Why is there a ? here?of the plot and its orientation with regard to cardinal directions. It is also advisable to find out if the angle of the terrain provides a natural protection against the prevailing wind. The selection of an ideal plot of land is a part of the Chinese teaching of feng-shui.

Based on feng-shui one of the most important guidelines is having a symbolic mountain behind you and a symbolic lake in front.

The Magic of Anthroposophical Buildings

Crystalline architectural styles that speak their own language. What is hidden in their shapes and colours? It is the relationship between the building and the human, the reflection of its hidden, perceived rhythms and proportions…

The article discusses principles of organic architecture. It was written when travelling around Camphill* Communities. These are communities for people suffering from mental health problems located in various countries around the world. The buildings in these centres have healing properties. They interact with with the elements human beings are made of. The principles of this architecture are based on spiritual teachings about humans – anthroposophy.

*Camphill – named after the village of Camphill in England where the first establishment of this type was established after the Second World War.

Energy of the landscape in the area of Motol Faculty Hospital in Prague 5

The aim of this Healthy Hospital Project is to prepare proposals for the harmonisation of the overall environment and to improve the process of healing. The study of landscape energy around the University Hospital Motol in Praha is a basis for further thought about the suitability and adequacy of human behaviour when planning work at a given space. The research study identifies the levels of our understanding and experiencing of space and encompasses not only the visible levels, but also those which are more difficult to grasp.

The aim of the study is to map, recognise and identify features of the given area and to propose various solutions. As a result, there should be a discussion about possible changes to the greenery, landscaping, creative artwork, minor construction work and the humanisation of the internal and external environment.

Change – the Basis of Life

Magazine Můj dům, 02/2003 – The right house is an entity which reacts to the ever changing requirements of its inhabitants. If it can be altered internally based on the specific needs of the family, it becomes a living organism. There is no need to start extensive building work. All we have to do is not to be frightened of implementing new ideas. This article reports on the construction of a new low energy house designed by the ARC studio.

Human Dwellings for People and Natural Forces

Omnibus Okruh a střed 2/2002 –

When looking at the landscape, I see hills and valleys, fields and meadows, and between the fields, the sky and the earth. I always compare two qualities and based on this comparison I judge which one prevails or if they are in harmony.

Modern man makes decisions based on the primary qualities of the world we can understand. But there are also opposites involved. The same principle of polarity can be experienced when perceiving non-material sides of life.

Reason and emotion also come into play. Each of us knows the difference between happiness and sadness, between greed and modesty. The complementary polarity of events forms the basis of our understanding and identification of the natural circumstances in the world. All living things find their balance in the rhythm of nature.

The article discusses how people can perceive the subtle forces of nature using their conscience.