The Path to Holistic Formation of the Environment

An article for the Zlatý řez (Golden Section) magazine, issue 34/2011

Deepening the concept of sustainability. Evolution of human consciousness in relation to nature. Perception of spiritual dimension of the environment. The level of vital forces.

Man is fully aware of the changing environment. Since the onset of the industrial revolution, various philosophical views and theories on maintaining a balance between human activities and nature have emerged. Most of them are focused on the properties of the physical world of chemicals or limiting the extraction of mineral resources. The concept of sustainable development does not reflect the aesthetic influences of architecture on human health or moral actions of men. It addresses social matters only marginally. These opinions and knowledge that enhance the ecology and ethics in the holistic way are not so well-known and widespread. In this paper I deal with them. The “holistic” term means broader view of shaping the environment than just the physically measurable look.