Shaping force of the spirit, a project of social facilities in the Czech Kopisty by Terezín

Article for the  Mensch und Architektur Magazine, issue 78/80, 2013, author: Oldřich Hozman.

I wished that the project was created in a social way and that the true spirit of the shaping forces could enter it .This means both the Camphill community spirit and also the creative spirit of its individual citizens. That’s why I recommended using the modelling clay for the formation of the model and joint modelling as the as the basic method of the design. It is the way, where creative powers of inspiration from communities and individuals can directly enter the shaped mass. At the same time, everyone can see the arising result, being able to comment on it and there is a consensus formed in the community. This creates a living work of art, “a social work”. We modelled the model two days in a group of about ten people and we enjoyed this   with creative fun. Such joint creation also has another advantage from the spiritual point of view. Everything that arises is consciously experienced by all, and everyone can mentally connect with it. Each person’s becomes consciously adopted and he or she then clearly tries to achieve it by their own will. We have been successful and some of the planned parts have already been created. For example, the staircase with a barrier-free ramp and wooden pergola with a balcony over the main entrance to the current community building. Some interiors have also been finished already.