Shaping the architecture of Waldorf Schools (Part 1)

Article for the Člověk a výchova (People and Education) magazine 3/2015, author: Oldřich Hozman

One of the cornerstones of education at Waldorf schools is for the pupils to experience correct classification of a human being among the qualities of the spirit and the Earth. One tool of deepening of the experience is teaching art and artistically shaped buildings and their surroundings. How do these experiences help in shaping the school environment will be the content of the first part. In the introduction we will talk about the human actions related to the influence of the power of the intention. Next, I will pay attention to particular visible characteristics of architecture schools expressing their relationship with spirit. In the next part of the article I will describe how we experience what we perceive as human (as opposed to the plant or animal world) in architecture. The last part will be devoted to the experiencing and the influence of materialistic earth qualities to architecture schools.