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Keep Your Mind on the Quality of the Inner Environment

Magazine Můj dům, 5/2004 This article follows the first series on the principles of bau-biology published in the April issue of the Můj dům magazine. In this issue we will present other impacts which bau-biology perceives as relevant factors influencing the quality of our living environment. The article in Czech language (PDF)

Take Up the Principles of Bau-biology

Magazine Můj dům, 4/2004 Nowadays, more alternative approaches are promoted in architecture and the building industry; these approaches are involved with the relationship between the human being and the environment. One of these is bau-biology which came to us from Germany where it is becoming more and more popular. Bau-biology (building biology) can be characterised […]

A Building is a Being

Magazine Můj dům, 4/2003 The quality of a building plot is mostly influenced by the slope? Why is there a ? here?of the plot and its orientation with regard to cardinal directions. It is also advisable to find out if the angle of the terrain provides a natural protection against the prevailing wind. The selection of an ideal […]