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A Solar House in the Land of Fire and Ice

An hour drive east of Reykjavik, in the picturesque undulating countryside of southern Iceland, there is the Sólheimar community, boasting with many notable first places. And it all started, when one extraordinary woman had her own idea about how human society should work. Adopted from the Priorita (Priority) magazine No. 2 May 2011 Article in […]

Sacred Geometry or the Search for Harmony

An interview with the host of the Czech TV programme called “Za zrcadlem” (Behind the Mirror), Tomáš Hanák on sacred geometry, feng shui, and ecological materials (2010). Duration of the programme: 28 min. The interview with Oldřich Hozman is between the minutes 19 and 23. Play

Healthy Living

Magazine Dům a zahrada, 9/2008, (corrected version) The true meaning of the saying ´healthy living´ is much wider that you might imagine. The right regime, enough movement, regular medical check ups – this is all connected with our bodies. But what influences the state of our bodies most is the environment in which we live. In […]

Healthy Living and Electromagnetic Fields

Magazine Můj dům, 11/2004 The human body transfers information using electrical impulses which then govern the functioning of the body. Since artificial electromagnetic fields in buildings have a disruptive effect on the operation of the organism, it is advisable to protect ourselves against their impact, in particular at the time, and in the place, designated for […]

Healthy Living

agazine Můj dům, 11/2004 When building a house, it is advisable to perceive the building as a part of the wider environment. Nature is a holistic unit with its basic inherent laws, order and rhythm. Healthy houses are those where we feel good and which are also in harmony with their environment. This article focuses on the holistic […]