A study of the new Waldorf elementary school, lyceum, and kindergarten in Prague – Jinonice, by the method of joint modelling.

The method of modelling helps to connect human creation with the original source of inspiration. Through this method, people manage to come closer to the nature of creativity. It’s also a social approach, leading to an agreement over the intended goal. The study served in further designing steps to clarify the look and layout of the future school buildings.

Creation of the Model

It is important to involve as many future users as possible in the design creation. When working on a model, circumstances that one would not take into account will emerge from the work on the model…Based on the consideration of the number of rooms and their orientation to the cardinal, we started to build a model house. The method of working together allows the design process to bring not only the forces of thinking, but also the strength of feeling and will. Each family member brings liveliness and joy into the process of creating the model, feeling the context and building on the work of others. It gradually results in mutual agreement about the creation of the house. All participants are able to mentally connect with the emerging design in a better way. Working with clay during the modelling creates certain calm and concentrated mood. It also attracts the attention of children who perceive the forces of inspiration that enter the process of joint creation.

Geomancy and Creation of the Environment

Adaptation of the land for the new Waldorf elementary school, lyceum, and kindergarten in Prague- Jinonice by the method of joint placement of corner stones along the border. The birth of new ideas and projects is always associated with inspiration coming from higher spiritual worlds. In order to anchor these inspirations well to the earth, it is necessary for a person to cooperate and communicate with elementary beings of the place. That is why the ritual of laying the corner stones is done. For the elemental beings of the place, it is a sign that a new challenge is coming. They can derive from such a ritual that there is a new owner with a new plan. And then they help the new owner to fulfil that purpose. That is why we, together with parents and teachers, have officially delimited school grounds and established a connection with the spirit of the place. Our wish is to create new premises of Waldorf school.