Renaissance of Clay and Wood

Magazine Můj dům, 4/2005 – What is natural is healthy. The human environment is getting further and further from the natural which increases the subconscious yearning of humans to return to nature. In architecture, we can see an increased interest in natural building materials which offer great advantages.

Amongst others, they help to improve the way we perceive our living environment.

Use of Hemp in Building

A short presentation on experiences with hemp and recommended constructions when using it.

The Garden for Soul

Magazine Zahrada – park – krajina, 1/2005 –
A meditative garden provides inner peace. If it is planned correctly in accordance with subtle energies of the landscape, it has even more qualities. It provides experiences connected with the quality of the place. The proposed design for the garden aims to offer the ability to experience one’s whole being in the manner in which it was incarnated…


What is the Quality of Environment?

An article for NGO LEA – What are our current notions of living? How much do we take into account the state of the development of our civilisation with regard to our style of living? How, and with what criteria, do we evaluate the quality of our living space? The holistic understanding of a good quality environment makes us more aware that we should look after Mother Earth. As a result, not only will the countryside be healthy, but also the people living in it.

The article discusses spiritual, emotional, vital and physical characteristics of architecture.

Healthy Living and Electromagnetic Fields

Magazine Můj dům, 11/2004

The human body transfers information using electrical impulses which then govern the functioning of the body. Since artificial electromagnetic fields in buildings have a disruptive effect on the operation of the organism, it is advisable to protect ourselves against their impact, in particular at the time, and in the place, designated for rest.

Healthy Living

agazine Můj dům, 11/2004

When building a house, it is advisable to perceive the building as a part of the wider environment. Nature is a holistic unit with its basic inherent laws, order and rhythm. Healthy houses are those where we feel good and which are also in harmony with their environment. This article focuses on the holistic relationship between man and nature, the materials used and possible types of wall constructions.

Metamorphoses of a House with an Inner Garden

Magazine Můj dům, September 2004 – My idea of an ideal living space is a house with an internal garden. The layout of this imaginary bungalow is formed by a ring of living rooms encircling a central garden. This image of a house with an internal garden has been inspired by zen gardens.

Keep Your Mind on the Quality of the Inner Environment

Magazine Můj dům, 5/2004

This article follows the first series on the principles of bau-biology published in the April issue of the Můj dům magazine. In this issue we will present other impacts which bau-biology perceives as relevant factors influencing the quality of our living environment.

Take Up the Principles of Bau-biology

Magazine Můj dům, 4/2004

Nowadays, more alternative approaches are promoted in architecture and the building industry; these approaches are involved with the relationship between the human being and the environment. One of these is bau-biology which came to us from Germany where it is becoming more and more popular. Bau-biology (building biology) can be characterised as the science of holistic relationships between the human being, his/her living space and the environment.

Harmony of The Golden Ratio

Magazine Můj dům, 3/2004 – Optimum proportions, natural order – these are terms that have intrigued builders for centuries. When observing nature, for example the shapes of trees or a human body, you will notice a certain order in the proportions of individual parts. And it is in these proportions of the individual parts that the golden ratio is to be found.