How to Win Favour of the Spirit of the Place

An Interview for the Maitreya magazine, H. Chvátalová

An Interview with the academic architect Oldřich Hozman about the spiritual qualities of the environment in which we live, rituals to address and beatify a place, feng shui, and the Maitrea House of Personal Development in Prague.

Holistic architecture

Ecological supplement to the Projekt magazine, March 2010

Buildings and environment bring together spiritual, emotional, vital and physical properties. This article sheds light on an holistic approach to architecture using specific procedures and examples of implementation.

Ecological and Holistic Architecture

Interview with Oldřich Hozmann for the A2 magazine Issue 5/2009

What is the difference between ecological and holistic architecture and how can one work with the learning of the East in relation to energies in our contemporary western world?, asks Michal Janata.

How we can perceive conception of healthy environment

Text from the Report of the International Conference “Healthy houses” in Brno, 2009

The aim of this article is to understand the conception of a healthy environment from a holistic point of view. Wholeness of Nature contains multileveled features of space and matter. Understanding and a conscious participation in Nature is easier to gain when we come closer to what is objective in the conception of a healthy environment. The meaning of a healthy environment is harmony between the physical and spiritual levels of both Man and Matter.

Architecture with its activities affects social and moral relations in society. Statistics have proven that removal of graffiti from a borough reduces criminality. Aesthetics of environment have an impact on the morals and behaviour of people. Similarly proven has been the fact that criminality can be reduced by collective meditation of people in a particular area. Obviously, the environment is influenced on both the visible and mental levels. From my own experience with supervising at building sites I know that relations among employees and mood at the site are very important. This can be improved for example by more frequent conversation with labourers and the creation of positive relationships. What makes a building really healthy is the multileveled reality of our world.

Space – A Temple For Humans

Contribution to the Okruh a střed anthology, 4/2009

Perceiving space through gestures and postures. How do we experience 3 D space? Physical expressive forms and architecture. Live creativity and the origin of building styles. Spiritual care for space. Composition of the temple and human body. Space brought to life.

Duše “K”, ČRo 2 radio programme

Jaroslav Dušek hosts the academic architect Oldřich Hozman.

The programme will attract especially those who are interested in holistic architecture, use of natural building materials, ecology, and feng shui.

Brick-nogging Nest of Harmony

Magazine Můj dům, 12/2008.

Nowadays, there is no need to feel ashamed of being ecologically minded. What’s more, we can put our feelings into practice. We have set off for Lany near Prague to visit an exceptional wooden house, built consistently both in accordance with ecological principles and feng-shui.

This article discusses the ongoing construction of a low-energy house built with natural building materials.

Healthy Living

Magazine Dům a zahrada, 9/2008, (corrected version)

The true meaning of the saying ´healthy living´ is much wider that you might imagine. The right regime, enough movement, regular medical check ups – this is all connected with our bodies. But what influences the state of our bodies most is the environment in which we live. In order to live our lives healthily, we must live in a healthy environment. This article was written by Tereza Doležalová.

House Made of Live Materials

Magazine Můj dům, 9/2008

Get to know architecture which smells pleasant, is beautiful to look at and nice to touch. It is also close to humans and nature and saves energy. We suggest ideas of how to put ecological principles into practice in the construction sector. You will learn about natural building materials and technologies close to nature.

Prameny a proudy (Springs and Streams), ČRo 3 radio programme

A man is not an island: When space is speaking. The programme is dedicated to holistic architecture that deals with the harmony of relationships between people, buildings, and landscape. Teresie Bečková speaks with the architect Oldřich Hozman, Radio 3 – Vltava.