A Lecture from the “Příběhy domů”(Stories of Houses” Conference

Talks about the origin and construction of a house in Lány near Prague. The use of natural building materials and organic structures. Lecture length: 25 minutes.

The Path to Holistic Formation of the Environment

An article for the Zlatý řez (Golden Section) magazine, issue 34/2011

Deepening the concept of sustainability. Evolution of human consciousness in relation to nature. Perception of spiritual dimension of the environment. The level of vital forces.

Man is fully aware of the changing environment. Since the onset of the industrial revolution, various philosophical views and theories on maintaining a balance between human activities and nature have emerged. Most of them are focused on the properties of the physical world of chemicals or limiting the extraction of mineral resources. The concept of sustainable development does not reflect the aesthetic influences of architecture on human health or moral actions of men. It addresses social matters only marginally. These opinions and knowledge that enhance the ecology and ethics in the holistic way are not so well-known and widespread. In this paper I deal with them. The “holistic” term means broader view of shaping the environment than just the physically measurable look.

Dopoledne s Dvojkou (Morning with the Station Two), ČRo 2 radio programme

To build a house? It’s not so simple. After all, it’s the place where we will spend our lifetime and perhaps our descendants too. In addition, we place the building in the area where animals often live, water flows, and thus we affect the overall landscape. Stanislava Lekešová spoke with the architect Oldřich Hozman 

Holistic Architecture, a Lecture at the Conference

A panel discussion on Holistic Architecture took place in September 2011 at the Rudolf Steiner as Inspiration conference, during the Rudolf Steiner and Contemporary Art exhibition at DOX Center of Contemporary Art. The lecturer was acad. arch. Oldřich Hozman. The lecture took 1 hour and 13 min.

Conversations about Relationships, ČRo 6 Radio Program

Imprints of landscape and architecture: Conversation about holistic architecture hosted by Teresie Bečková.

A House according to Feng Shui

  • An article for the eARCH internet diary; author: Vanda Jesenská

    An Interview and introduction of the house designed according to the principles of feng shui. Qi Vital energy, rounded shapes of the walls, corresponding with the terrain, an entrance as the mouth of the house, harmonious dimensions of the house, based on the “golden section”, arrangement of the furniture in relation to geopathogenic zones, Baque …

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A Solar House in the Land of Fire and Ice

An hour drive east of Reykjavik, in the picturesque undulating countryside of southern Iceland, there is the Sólheimar community, boasting with many notable first places. And it all started, when one extraordinary woman had her own idea about how human society should work.

Adopted from the Priorita (Priority) magazine No. 2 May 2011

Sacred Geometry or the Search for Harmony

An interview with the host of the Czech TV programme called “Za zrcadlem” (Behind the Mirror), Tomáš Hanák on sacred geometry, feng shui, and ecological materials (2010). Duration of the programme: 28 min. The interview with Oldřich Hozman is between the minutes 19 and 23.

Ecology, Health, and Aesthetics of Constructions

An article for the Projekt (Project) magazine, an environmental annex No. 2

Let’s think together about how the concept of ecological construction is now understood and how it could be extended. The consideration is accompanied by photographs of the house, whose design was developed in this sense.

Harmonised House Maitrea

Projekt magazine, July – August/2010
Written by Šárka Dumbrovská

Buildings and environment bring together spiritual, emotional, vital and physical properties. This article sheds light on an holistic approach to architecture using specific procedures and examples of implementation.