Eliška Hájková

Dear Mr. Hozman,

it is nice to see that even today, where everyone is in a rush, there are people who value a few complimentary words with utmost humility.

I have been interested in feng-shui for several years now. I received a certificate from the Czech School of Feng-Shui, which is a dream come true to me, however, I mostly valued the opportunity to become familiar with the idea of inner peace before entering a room, where a person helps the inhabitants harmonize the area. I also (and still think so) believe I learnt about ecological materials for building houses.

Thanks to you and Mr. Melichar (I went to go see a house the both of you cooperated on in Lány), I came to realize even more that the house was alive. I cannot approach a house from the perspective that “I have 4 walls, windows are there, doors there, where would the sofa look best”… (I’m sure you understand). I now know that the energy in space – originally belonging to nature, which people then develop, is here much earlier than we are. Therefore we need to approach it with respect, in order for the energy to accept us, understand us and for it to be willing to support us.

I will give you an example of when your attitude inspired me: Before Christmas, my father had to move his store. After a while, he found suitable space and invited the entire family to come and take a look. After bringing inner peace and requesting acceptance from the energy of the area, I cleaned the rooms with a candle, scented sticks and an idea. Then the entire family joined hands and expressed our intentions independently out loud. Expressing what will become of the rooms and wishing for support. Only after this ritual did my father begin to move:-)

Thank you for inspiring me:-)

A healthy lifestyle, meditation and exercise is a completely natural part of my life. And what you do, the beautiful houses you design, lectures…its great to return to the humble group we are. Before (meaning earlier civilization), it was normal to use natural materials, watch the land over the years, seasons, the sun and only afterwards begin to build…

The day when our souls begin to move forward in quantum leaps thanks to the holistic thinking method, is here.

Eliška Hájková