ARC Studio - Oldřich Hozman, architect

Welcome on website of holistic architecture atelier in Prague, Czech Republic.

The main activities of the atelier include author project for low-energy buildings, designed based on the holistic architectural approach. We create visual studies, projects for building permission as well as implementation projects. We also focus on ecological reconstructions of buildings and monumental objects. Our projects use healthy building material and ecological principles and technology, such as solar collectors or root water treatment systems. We design urbanistic plans in harmony with the land and garden designs. The principles of feng-shui, bau-biology, geomancy and sacred geometry are all in our designs.

The second significant area of services provided by the atelier includes interiors designed with healthy ecological materials. We also offer atypical interior and furniture design, which markedly affects the resulting character of the place and environment. We design interiors for family houses, company space, furniture for industrial production and furniture solitaires.

Other services provided by the atelier include feng-shui and geomancy consultation, processing analyses and maps for fine energy on the land and within the building, defining geopathogenic zones on land and subsequently adapting layouts to this fine energy to become harmonious with the user.

For firms and companies, we offer to design their company style and environment concept, logos and graphical company designs (corpotate identity).

Parties interested in the holistic concept of the environment and space, principles of feng-shui, sacred geometry and geomancy and ecological building materials are welcome to participate in the seminars lead by architect Oldřich Hozman.

Architectural project: energy-efficient familly house with solar collector. In the project was also feng shui and geomancy study and design of interiors.